I am very happy to introduce you to the best real estate program in Korea. Korea boasts the eleventh-largest economy in the world, and it strives to offer the best economic opportunities in the Asian region. Konkuk University in Seoul, Korea has been an education and research pioneer in the rough-and-tumble field of Korean real estate, having offered the first master's-level professional degree program in real estate in 1970. It is frequently said that the history of the Korean real estate market mirrors that of the real estate program at Konkuk University while the list of Konkuk real estate program alumni makes up a who's who of the Korean real estate market.

The program in Real Estate Studies at Konkuk University has about 1,000 students enrolled in three full-time degree programs at the undergraduate, master's, and doctoral levels and two part-time programs, one for CEOs, the other offering a professional graduate degree in a Graduate School of Real Estate Studies(GSRES) evening program with 500 students.

The GSRES offers two evening programs for active real estate professionals, one for middle class managers, which confers a master's-level professional degree, and the other for corporate executives, which confers a certificate. Admission to the GSRES is extremely competitive, as only one out of eight candidates succeeds in being admitted, on average. We try our best to maintain a diverse class environment in terms of education, career, age, gender, and affiliation. Our mutual learning community provides opportunities for sharing scientific theory and professional experience from faculty to students, from students to faculty, among faculty and among students. Current students and alumni commonly cite this diverse environment and the alumni network that builds on it as the most valuable asset of the program.

The GSRES has eleven full-time professors whose careers are distinguished by their academic contributions to such fields as real estate, economics, finance, urban planning, environmental studies, regional science, architecture, and engineering.

Among the most enjoyable features of the GSRES experience for both students and faculty are special lectures offered by industry leaders and government policymakers. Not surprisingly, the majority of these speakers come from the ranks of our own alumni, which makes for especially enjoyable post-presentation receptions. These occasions allow students to connect textbook theory seamlessly to real-world experience.

We are eagerly seeking international affiliations to address current problems in real estate, problems that are complex enough to interrelate real estate markets to capital markets and broad enough to transcend continental boundaries. We believe that international cooperation should be an integral part of solving problems here and abroad at the same time.

As part of our commitment to offering the best contemporary real estate program in Asia, we have been updating our curricula to reflect current trends and hiring world-renowned academics to qualify for international accreditation. Through these efforts, the GSRES is vigorously striving to be a "global winner, the real estate hub of the Asian-Pacific region."

I hope you will find Konkuk University to be a worthy vessel as we navigate uncertain seas together into the future.

Thank you.

                                                                                                                                                                                      Dean, GSRES