Masters Degree Program

In conferring a professional degree in the challenging, ever-changing field of real estate, we are constantly vigilant in maintaining our program? focus on conceptual reasoning, problem-solving skills, and preparation for lifelong learning.

The masters degree program in the GSRES consists of four concentrations: real estate business and management, real estate development and construction, real estate finance and investment, and international real estate business. A concentration should be selected upon submission of the application, but a student may change his or her concentration after enrollment in consultation with his or her academic advisor.

Students are required to complete a minimum of 30 credits. Completed courses typically result in two credits earned and writing a thesis counts for six credits. The majority of students study for five semesters prior to graduation. Graduates typically demonstrate balanced knowledge of theoretic models, scientific methods, and concrete intuitions that are both current and relevant to their field of concentration.


Current core courses are as follows

Spring Semester

Fall Semester

Principles of Real Estate Studies | Introduction to Real Estate Law | Real Estate Economics

Quantitative Analysis 1

Land and Housing Policies

Real Estate Transactions Law 2

Real Estate Transactions Law 1

Data Analysis and Information Management

Regulations on Real Estate 2

Special Topics on Real Estate Studies

Quantitative Analysis 2

Real Estate Accounting

Seminars on Real Estate Studies

Case Studies in Real Estate Studies

Real Estate Forecast & Calculation

9 subjects

9 subjects


 Non-degree Research Program

The non-degree research program, like the master? degree program, consists of four concentrations. Students are required to complete a minimum of 12 credits to qualify for the certificate. This program aims at helping industry professionals refresh their skills and refocus their approach by improving workplace practices. We therefore do not arrange transfers from this program into the master's degree program.