Real Estate Business and Management


  The Real Estate Business and Management concentration aims at producing professionals capable of  solving problems in the fields of marketing, lease and property management, appraisal, and  corporate governance in a systematic and efficient manner. The importance of this major is being  further enhanced as the real estate market evolves from an era of development to one of management  in the current environment in Korea. With its inherent characteristics of composite application,  students are required to take courses in subjects ranging from real estate acquisition to real  estate company operation management to marketing to property management. For example, the subject  of real estate acquisition consists of couples of two-credit courses such as real estate  appraisal, public notification analysis, title analysis, and auctions, with application to both  commercial and residential real estate properties. We also offer a course on the revitalization of  the inner city and the remodeling and strengthening of current structures, both commercial and  residential. Typically, graduates are able to apply appropriate state-of the-art marketing methods  based on econometrics and probability theory to solve concrete business and management problems  involving real estate interests and transactions. To be sure, the road can be difficult and a few  students might struggle from time to time, but what really matters is life after graduation-a far  longer span-and we have always succeeded in preparing all our graduates for satisfying and  productive careers.

                        Program Director | Shin, Jong-chil


 Courses of Real Estate Business and Management

Spring Semester

Fall Semester

Real Estate Auction, Redevelopment and Reconstruction

Real Estate Appraisal

Practice in Real Estate Appraisal

Multi-family Housing Management

Real Estate Management

Real Estate Public Notification

Real Estate Brokerage

Title Analysis

Market Research Methodology

Real Estate Marketing

E-commerce in Real Estate Market

Special Topics on Real Estate Management

Seminars on Real Estate Management

Real Estate Contract Law


9 subjects

8 subjects


   Real Estate Development and Construction


  The Real Estate Construction and Development concentration aims at helping students acquire both  in-depth professional knowledge and the ethical virtues they will need as real estate developers.  We hope to instill in our students a commitment not only to develop physical properties but also  to enhance the quality of life of their fellow citizens. Since their classmates are already  experts in the field under study, interactive learning between professors and class members  escalates the learning curve like an exponential function. As problems facing real estate  developer grow more and more complex over time, students are encouraged to make use of the free  and timely assistance that is available from each and every faculty and staff member as well as  other students.
 Construction and development are the most important core fields in the real estate  business and  therefore elective courses in this concentration should range from development  planning to  development financing to feasibility review to construction management to project risk  management  and location theory.
  In presenting the subject matter of the development concentration,  we teach residential and  commercial property development, including large-scale land development  and, recently, we have  begun providing courses covering very-large-scale mixed-use property  development and urban  renewal.
  In the construction management curriculum, we provide courses on  property design, construction  management, and risk management including the engineering aspects of  building construction.
  Because we pursue the ideal balance between theoretical grounding and  state-of-the-art practical  applications, students are required to earn four credits in industry  seminars as well as  undertake field trips, both domestically and overseas.

                        Program Director | Lee, Sang-yeob


 Courses of Real Estate Development and Construction

Spring Semester

Fall Semester

Real Estate Development

Urban Planning

Site Planning

Real Estate Technology

Development & Project Financing Case Study

Decision Making Theory

Real Estate Development Consulting

Real Estate Product Development

Construction Management

Risk Management in Construction

Location Theory

Special Topics on Real Estate    Construction & Development

Planning and Design Analysis of
Construction Operations

Practice in Land Development

Seminars on Real Estate Construction & Development

8 subjects

8 subjects


   Real Estate Finance and Investment


The Real Estate Finance and Investment concentration covers theoretical and practical issues involved in project funding, fund management (both private and public), and investment decision-making analysis in the field of real estate business. Students will learn about methods of decision-making under uncertainty and various exotic financial market products including real estate derivatives, effective methods of valuation and risk management with respect to both residential and commercial mortgage products, and their securitization up to asset-backed securitization (ABS) and commercial real estate collateralized debt obligation (CRECDO)-the latter of which has became notorious in virtue of the recent subprime mortgage crisis in the US.
Together with improving their understanding of real estate securitization, including such recent developments as real estate funds and REITs, which have attracted intense interest in recent times, students will also study related market microstructures and legal institutions. Students will also be engaged in in-depth discussions of the structure and valuation methods that pertain to project financing utilized as a means of funding for real estate development projects.
Furthermore, students will examine portfolio management techniques for the efficient operation of investment portfolios consisting of stock, fixed-income assets, and real estate from the viewpoint of institutional investors. They will also study how to assist extremely wealthy people and manage their wealth accounts as a specific application of general portfolio management theory.
specific issues will be supplemented by seminars led by industry leaders and adjunct professors with long-term experience in the real business world.

                        Program Director | Lee, Hyun-seok


 Courses of Real Estate Finance and Investment

Spring Semester

Fall Semester

Real Estate Investment and Finance, Finance

Real Estate Finance

Real Estate Market Analysis

Real Estate Securities

Development Finance

Real Estate Taxes

Real Estate Finance Law

Special Topics on Real Estate Investment

Real Estate Asset Management

Real Estate Investment Field Study

Seminars on Real Estate Investment


Advanced Topics in Real Estate Tax Law

7 subjects

8 subjects


    International Real Estate Business


The International Real Estate Business concentration aspires to produce real estate professionals with the training they will need to become leaders in a real estate sector that transcends continental boundaries. This concentration will equip students with the professional knowledge and global insight they will need to be able to efficiently manage changes in the real estate business environment such as rapid globalization, market integration, and geographic market coupling. That is why we have designed the curriculum in this concentration to focus on both the present and preparation for the near future.
This concentration offers lectures covering various real estate market locations such as the US, Japan, and China, with carefully tailored emphasis on location-specific market institutions and trends. Typically, graduates from this concentration are able to forecast specific overseas market trends with eye-popping precision. Global networking is growing significantly through affiliation with overseas universities and their alumni networks. We also pursue international accreditations and we are already accredited by the Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) Institute as the University Fast Track Program participant. Graduates of the masterÕs degree program are therefore exempt from three out of the five core courses required for CCIM designation.
We also provide courses that are required for qualification as certified real estate brokers in the state of California, with the help of US institutions. Topics in this sub-concentration include finance, law, management, brokerage practices, and appraisals as they apply to the state of California.
Most graduates rank the analysis of foreign exchange (forex or fx) markets and its derivatives as one of the toughest courses they will take during their school residency.

                        Program Director | Yoo, Seon-jong


 Courses of International Real Estate Business

Spring Semester

Fall Semester

Principles of International Real Estate/ International Real Estate Finance/ International Real Estate Economics/ International Real Estate Law(courses for real estate broker in the US, 2 out of 4 courses above offered in circulation)

International Real Estate Appraisal/ Practice in International Real Estate Brokerage/ International Real Estate Management/ Mortagage Loan Brokerage and Lending(courses for real estate broker in the US, 2 out of 4 courses above offered in circulation)

courses Available per Semester Chinese Real Estate Market
(regular course)

Seminars on International Real Estate

International Finance for Real Estate

Japanese Real Estate Market

Special Topics on International Real Estate

International Real Estate Contracts

US Real Estate Market


International Real Estate Markets

8 subjects

9 subjects